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Latest Bands

Stay tuned for more info, and hop over to the calendar page to learn about my latest collaborations!

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Previous Bands

Tea and Honey


Tea and Honey serves up an infusion of hot, sweet tunes as musicians steeped in Northern and Southern traditional dance styles come together to make a new blend of sounds. The members of Tea and Honey bring a diverse range of musical experiences, having spent time learning from mentors in New England, the Southern U.S., and classical orchestras. The band features Rebecca Weiss and Colleen Holroyd on fiddles, Sophie Chang on cello, and Bobby LaRose on piano and mandolin. Tea and Honey is fearless in exploring the possibilities of musical conversation and sheer fun!

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Hannah Jaye and the Hideaways

Hannah Jaye and the Hideaways.jpg

Hannah Jaye and the Hideaways is an original Americana/folk band based in Washington, DC. Rebecca played with them from October 2018 - March 2020.  At the time, the band featured Hannah Jaye on lead vocals and guitar, Rebecca Weiss on fiddle, Greg Mulley on upright bass, and Giacomo Fornasini on mandolin, banjo, and harmonica. Their story-driven music combines soulful vocals, meaningful lyrics, and captivating instrumentals. With roots in bluegrass, country, blues, rock, and pop, Hannah Jaye and the Hideaways inspire a variety of audiences to dance and appreciate the little things in life. 

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